What Makes Kenny So Great?

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Kenny is perceived by people through his positive attitude and characteristics of likability, he is motivated, hard-working, trustworthy, dependable, and with mindfulness, which makes him a very charismatic person. He is more than just a manager, he is a leader. Great leaders are hard to find. What makes Kenny so great, is his ability to connect with his staff. Kenny deals with difficult situations in a straightforward manner and shares information which helps create an open atmosphere. He listens to concerns and cares for others. His integrity can be seen throughout his actions and the values he holds leads the way with every interaction. He provides a solid foundation which supports his employees’ differences, by coaching, he leads by example, and encourages others. He treats his staff with respect by doing the right thing. The traits he possesses helps others to see their own greatness in order to succeed. Kenny is a successful leader whose vision is a prevailing force in situations that require change. Some people are natural born leaders, others are molded and trained. Just like a snowflake, no two leaders are the same. Some may resemble another’s style, have some of the same qualities, and the values they possess might be closely mirrored, but inevitably we all manage just a little bit differently. So can another supervisor function in the same manner with the same outcome? Probably not exactly. The differences that each supervisor possesses will

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