What Makes Someone A Criminal?

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Mark Young Crim. Theory 10/1/14

Paper 1

What makes someone a criminal? I would imagine that this question is on a lot of peoples minds, everyone wants to know what makes someone commit the crimes that they do. Well there are seven theories, deterrence, rational choice, routine activities, biological, bio social, psychoanalytical, and psychological. These theories help us understand why people are criminals, and they also help us determine why some of us are not. Using these theories I will tell you why I am not considered a criminal. The first two theories are deterrence and rational choice. Deterrence is deciding whether to commit a crime based on punishment, for example not committing a crime because fear of the death penalty, incarceration, or three strikes and your out law. Everyone is capable of committing a crime but this theory states that with penalties like these people will not
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