What Makes a True Hero Across the World? Essay example

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A “True” Hero Is a hero universal, or are they subject to individual judgment? As a generalization, heroes are subject to the whims of a society. Consequently, a hero is bent and altered in relation to the mentalities of a culture. In extreme cases, a man who kills a murderer may be a hero in one culture, while in the geographical area only a few miles away; he could be viewed as a person equally as evil. Therefore, heroes will vary from culture to culture and can best be defined by their cultural origins, or an additional method of hero determination referred to as the hero’s Journey—a 12-part journey that a majority of hero stories use. Japan is a culture that is vastly different from cultures described as western. (Europe The …show more content…

Additionally, Snake undergoes a gauntlet of challenges that appear at key points, each representing him overcoming a specific flaw. This all culminates in the final battle that ends with Snake overcoming his former mentor, and earning the right to use his name. The concept of maturity gained by surpassing, and replacing his mentor after her death, is a distinctly Japanese facet. An equally noteworthy proof of Snakes “heroism” is the hero’s journey.
The first step of this journey is the “Ordinary World.” Snake’s “ordinary world” is his career in the U.S. military, wherein he is referred to as Jack. Next, is the call to adventure, in this step a Hero receives an invitation of sorts to go on his journey. Jack receives his call to adventure when he is sent in to rescue a Soviet scientist who wants to defect to America. It is at the end of his mission that his mentor defects. After the call to adventure is the refusal of the call, where, the hero rejects the adventure. Snake refuses the call by his own disbelief of his at mentor’s defection. The fourth phase is when the hero meets a mentor of sorts that convinces him to embark on his journey. Jack, having already met his mentor, experiences this by accepting his mentor’s betrayal. Fifth is where the hero leaves his ordinary world for his adventure. Jack accomplishes this by embarking on a mission to eliminate his former mission, and in a way restore honor to his country. The step that

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