The Ordinary World Hero's Journey Analysis

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Every story includes structural aspects or phases in fantasies, movies and legends. These stages arrange the hero’s special journey, which are the various phases that the hero has to go through to complete his task. In the beginning, the hero always starts off in the Ordinary World. To begin, The Ordinary Word is the hero’s safe haven, this stage allows the readers to get to know the hero’s distinctive characteristics. Furthermore, The Call To Adventure introduces a mission that must be done. In other words, this phase sets the hero’s new journey. On the other hand, the hero himself can also turn down the expedition due to distress and insecurities. This stage is called, Refusal of the call where the hero is not willing to make changes. Once …show more content…

Further into the journey the hero faces The Resurrection, their most threatening meeting with death. In this stage the hero is reborn or mutated with the attributes of himself in addition to the lessons from the characters that he has met along his journey. Moreover, The Return with the Elixir is the final reward earned on the hero’s journey and has earned the right to be accepted back into the Ordinary World. The Elixir will restore balance to the Ordinary World, and in most tales, the Return with the Elixir completes the cycle of this journey. In addition, Archetypes are like a character’s own mask that represents the character’s role play in the story. A single Archetypal mask can be transferred to one character to the next. The Shapeshifter mask confuses the hero by hiding a character’s actions and faithfulness. Furthermore, A shadow in a story can be symbolized as someone’s darkest desires and phobias. The hero’s enemies and villains often wear the Shadow mask as a demon lurking from within the characters. Additionally, a Trickster is also a mask that will most likely fool the hero. This mask is often worn by a mentor in a romantic

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