What Muscles Does A Basketball Player Primarily Focus On?

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Najea Dixon
Muscular Physiology
In our everyday lives, we use and depend on so many different parts of our body. We use certain parts of our body so much that we are not even aware of how important it is in helping us survive. Regarding the different muscles in our body, although there are so many of them, they all play an important role and are all dependent on one another. Muscles are crucial for stability and mobility. We all work our muscles and occasionally strain our muscles on an everyday basis, but individuals involved in athletic sports tend to work and stress their muscles more often. Considering an athlete, depending on what sport they play, may focus more on specific muscles that will help improve their performances. What muscles does a Basketball player primarily focus on?
A sport such as basketball focuses primarily on shooting a ball and running. A physical activity such as running uses nearly all leg muscles. Muscles such as the Quadriceps are used when moving your leg forward (Jarmey). These are a group of muscles that is located in the front of the thigh (Jarmey). Within the quadriceps are four separate muscles. These four muscles include the vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius and the rectus femoris (Jarmey). The quadriceps help in the extension and stabilization of the knee, and it also helps in bending the hip (Jones).
Another muscle that assists in an activity such as running is the Hamstring. The hamstring is located behind the knee.

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