What Negative Affect Does Charles Baker Harris Dill Have On Jem And Scout

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1st Entry 7/20/17 After reading the first chapter in the book, I came up with these questions to answer and respond to while reading the next few chapters: 1. What negative affect does Charles Baker Harris, Dill, have on Jem and Scout? When Charles Harris Baker was introduced in the story he seemed to be someone who would follow Jem and Scout around and just become a small side character. I assumed in the beginning because of the way he described, as a small, weirdly dressed seven-year old, and the way Jem talked down to him such as “How old are you, four-and-a-hale?” (p. 7) and “shoot no wonder, then, Scout yonder’s been readin’ since she was a baby, and she ain’t even started school yet You look right puny or goin’ on seven.” (p.7). But as the story continued his character developed as he became some sort of leader next Jem. His negative affect on Jem and Scout was that his strange obsession with the Radley’s caused the them to do activities and play games near/ with the Radley house, which their father disapproved of. While reading the trio's adventures and play times, it reminded me of real world scenarios that I had been through as a child. Obviously, there was no scary Radley-type house in my neighborhood, but I once had a childhood friend who had a craving for dangerous adventure and even though my parents would disapprove of whatever game we were playing I still went ahead and was coerced into doing the dangerous activities. Like how Jem was coerced into

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