What Operating System Does Your Computer Use?

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Ryan Cox

Module 1 Case

What operating system does your computer use?

I have and use a MacBook its been my computer of choice for a while I love everything about Apple products. The operating system my MacBook use is Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh line of computer systems. The original version was the integral and unnamed system software first introduced in 1984 with the original Macintosh, and referred to simply as the "System" software.

What are some examples of applications residing in your personal computer?

Every Mac comes with a collection of great apps for things you do every day, like …show more content…

When something is in the cloud, it means it is stored on servers on the Internet instead of on your computer. It lets you access your calendar, email, files, and more from any computer that has an Internet connection. I don’t have anything cloud base for the fear of getting hacked and getting my information stolen. Having certain items cloud based have its pro and cons I will name a few these are my personal opinions some people may not agree with me.


1. Access data anywhere on any smart device
2. Frees up IT resources to focus on the core competency of the business
3. Provides scale so that you can easily provision additional servers to meet computing needs
4. Provides a low cost, easy way to ensure backup and disaster recovery with offsite backups.
5. Enhanced security from Internet services, by preventing loss due to fire, theft, or disaster.
6. May keep costs low, as you only have to pay for what you use, and don’t need to make significant upfront investments.


1. Outages, while unlikely, can impact your business
2. Large files on STaaS require large amounts of network bandwidth to conduct storage utilization and internet-based services
3. Potential lock-in – Depending how you enable storage for your website. It may be challenging to move to another provider if you write provider-dependent code.
4. Privacy – Governments (for example via the US Patriot Act) can potentially access your data. You

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