What People Learn At A Very Young Age?

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One of the most common expectations that parents have is for their children to grow up to be productive citizens. While young people receive their formal education in the classroom, they also can learn many things about life through their experiences outside of school. If children spend most of their extra time watching television or playing video games, they are only passively involved in the world around them. What people learn at a very young age will affect their development and help shape their future. While times have changed and fewer children are expected to work in today’s world, adults who have worked as children will become more productive citizens than those who have not worked during their childhood. Teenage years are a period …show more content…

Child labor could also damage physical growth and education. On the other hand, child work is employment of children at legal age. According to the amendments to the 1933 Act, national law, teenager may not work if they are under 14 but 13 year olds may be able to do work which is approved by local authority by-laws. Child work is good; it develops skills children will need when they grow up, helps them to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, demonstrate responsibility, and leads them to gain valuable interpersonal and occupational specific skills. Millions of teens under the age of 18 enter the U.S. workforce each year. The majority of teens take positions in retail industry jobs such as fast food restaurants and retail stores, while many others accept positions in the service and agriculture industries. Most of today’s teen workers no longer work in the fields or at the factory to help support their families. Their reasons for working are more personal. They want their own spending money. According to Dawn Castillo, chief of surveillance and field investigations branch and a supervising epidemiologist for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health which is known as NIOSH, “Adolescents spend most of their income on discretionary items” (Castillo) or their own individual needs.
Research shows that working during high school may have both positive and negative effects on teenagers. There are many positive aspects for teenagers that work

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