What Questions Do You Have About The Assignments?

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• What questions do you have about the assignments in Units 1–4?
The Unit 1 assignments were challenging mostly the Intellipath course. My two most challenging nodes were Formulating Business and Corporate Strategies and Competitive Advantage. I plan to go back and revise these and a few other areas to improve my understanding and score. The Unit 2 assignments are valuable and offer an opportunity to explore concerns in the discussion board with other students. Also the discussion gives an opportunity to plan a strategy for success in learning as we finish this course. The Intellipath so far has been challenging but I have started the path and plan to complete by the end of this week and follow up with revisions to Unit 1 and 2. Unit 3 and 4 discussions are the beginning steps to organizing the Unit 5 Assignment. I have some questions regarding how to approach these. Does each group member post the decided outline? Also in Unit 4 we are to post the executive summary, is this to be the same? If so I am concerned about the similarity scores on these?
With the Unit 4 DB there is one question I have never asked but it has been lingering since my first Masters level course. Why are we asked to write the executive summary in Unit 4, for the Unit 5 assignment assuming we would only be in the rough draft portion, how can you summarize a paper not yet finished? So I decided to research the process of writing an executive summary as a way to answer this question. An executive

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