What Should Bryan Do About The Clock? Essay

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Scenario 1 1. What should Bryan do about the clock? Supriyo Chaudhuri stated that “business gifts are usually seen as advertising, sales promotion and marketing communication medium” to create “a positive, first impression which might help to establish an initial business relationship”. During a purchasing process, gift can be considered either an appreciation or an attempt to influence future buying behavior because it may influence buyer’s perspective and evaluation to the supplier. According to Nina Kaufman, receiving a gift can “hamper your objectivity when either making purchasing decision for your company or recommending the ng products or services to clients”. As for Bryan’s case, he first must identify his company’s policy on accepting gifts and favors to see if accepting the clock is a violation of company’s ethical standards. If a gift is strictly prohibited, Bryan has to return the gift right away. In the case that Bryan could keep the clock, the gift may be a primary factor encouraging him to get involved into business with Mr. James McEnroe’s company despite the fact that this is not the best option for his company, and thus this will still be considered to violate the code of professional conduct. After returning the gift, Bryan should also be open up and talk to his employer about the situation to show his honesty and justice. To his wife Nina, who attaches so much to the clock, Bryan should explain to her clearly why they should return the clock and the

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