Essay on What Size Washer and Dryer Fit Your Lifestyle?

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1. Efficiency – The machines need to function at a standard or above level while helping consumers to keep water and energy use at a minimum. This keeps costs down and also decreases the environmental footprint of the machines. Within this category, consumers appreciate the ability to set a timer so that their clothes can be washed or dried at off-peak times. They can set a timer for 2am if they would like to, so that their water and electricity use is less expensive than it would be otherwise. (Where did this info come from?)
2. Durability – This attribute speaks to the ability of the machines to last and to stand up to regular use by consumers. This attribute is important across the board and would certainly speak to consumers with …show more content…

(Where did you get this information?)
5. Capacity- This refers to the size of the tub. For best cleaning results, it is important that the amount of laundry placed in the tub has sufficient room to move about. A large machine is rated at roughly 2 to 2-1/2 cubic feet, an extra-large machine at 2-1/2 to 3 cubic feet, and a super-large at approximately 3 to 3-1/2 cubic feet. Unless you are washing and drying bulky items like comforter and ski parkas, figure on a 10-12 pound maximum load for large-capacity machines and 14 pounds or so for extra-large and super-large ones. These are all factors in determining capacity requirements and the potential wash and dry frequency. Larger capacity equates to less loads. ( Improper citation.
6. Model design - High Efficiency Front-Load, High Efficiency Top-Load and Traditional Front or Top-Load. Washers-HE front-load machines use less water and energy than top-loaders and usually offer more capacity. HE top-load machines also use less water and energy than a traditional machine. Since they have no agitator, there is more room in the wash basket for large items. Top load or traditional machines sits vertically in the machine and has an agitator in the middle that churns the water and clothes together, forcing water through the items. It drains, refills with clean water, and agitates again, drains, rinses and spins.

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