What The Hell Is Wrong

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“Yeah. You’re scared because you know that she is going to pick me over you in the end.” Ryan smirked a little and Charlie could feel the anger starting to bubble up inside him.
“Ryan, you’re drunk.” Charlie shook his head and responded calmly.
“You guys aren’t dating anymore!” Ryan exclaimed and looked around for confirmation that he wasn’t crazy.
“Actually,” Charlie started to say with a smirk, but was cut off when Ryan’s fist connected with his jaw. Charlie stumbled back a step and rose up to throw a punch back at him but Scarlett was there all the sudden. She shoved Ryan back with all of her strength.
“What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you have to hate Charlie so much?” Scarlett screamed.
Ryan shook his head at her, let out a big sigh, and walked back into the main club.
Scarlett whirled around and looked at Charlie’s face but he just pulled her into him. He held Scarlett tightly for a moment when his phone started to vibrate in his pocket. Nikolai’s name appeared on his screen as the caller ID along with a picture of Charlie and Nikolai when Charlie first arrived at the Academy.
“Take it outside so that you can hear him.” Scarlett whispered and nodded.
“You stay right here okay?” Charlie demanded as he backed out of the room.
Charlie pressed the answer button and jogged out of the club before bringing the phone up to his ear. He had gone out the front door and nodded to the bouncer as he jogged by. Charlie walked back to their cars and propped himself up onto

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