What The Lumen Team Is Doing Well. The Lumen Team’S Success

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What the Lumen Team is Doing Well The Lumen team’s success is derived from their manager, Max Cooper. The company is going through a tumultuous time, and his team is leading in performance and satisfaction. He effectively has fostered motivation through keeping the roles of the team fluid, valued equity from all parties, and created camaraderie among different personalities. When analyzing the roles of the Lumen team, there seems to multiple examples of team member engaging in tasks outside their normal role. On Day 1 of our testing, Max shared a proposal with his team and asked for their feedback. He then took the feedback and acted on it. His employees were excited and eager to give feedback to their manager which is not something …show more content…

In a conversation with Melinda, he takes the time to fill her in on the customer visit which she had no direct part in. Max also asks his team what they believe is missing from the team, and fights to provide it for them. Allowing his employees to engage in part towards the strategy and direction of the team illustrates this team is a unit working together, rather than individuals working on Max’s project. While this team operates efficiently with minimal tensions, they are certainly portrayed to be unique in their backgrounds and thought processes. The ages of the group ranges from 31 years old to 59 while education levels are some college to Ph.Ds. Creating a cohesive group can be difficult because the traits of a person and how that interact with surroundings can be a huge variance. Their shared level of camaraderie is evident when Pierre mentioned the willingness of Melinda and Max to pick up his work during a stressful time. Members search for feedback from each other which again brings the team closer and focused on the overall goal. Through camaraderie, a certain level of psych safety develops. There is no hesitation to start something new for fear of ridicule. When there are times of disagreement, the team is able to use it to their advantage to formulate the best opinion. What the Absorb team is missing The Absorb team, in contrast, struggled with producing the results of the Lemun team. The intrinsic motives of Absorbs’ members, however,

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