What Was Martin Luther King As An Epic Hero?

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A hero is someone who changes the future. Martin Luther King is a great epic hero because the things he did in his life changed the rules and laws for black people in the USA. Martin Luther King,Jr. knew United State has a lot oppression against race. So he tried to change the rules but it wasn't easy to change because many people disagreed with them. Many people think that Martin Luther King, Jr. is great warrior because no one stood up against the government, but he stood up against oppression against his race. Even when threatened he kept fighting : “On September 30, 1956, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s house was bombed by segregationists in retaliation for the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott”. He didn’t run when he got attacked; He tried to safe everyone. For example when he experienced terrorism by a bad squad he didn’t run away. I might be very scared but Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t run away and he tried protect people from terror. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew many people thought oppression against race has to be change : “ When he was a young man, Martin Luther King wanted a career helping people. He felt that as a minister he could speak out “against racial injustice”. Following the example of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. King chose nonviolence as the keystone of his fight for civil rights”. “Biography” (“Martin”). They were nonviolence they try to change to rule about oppression against race but they really didn’t oppression to police. The indian

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