What Was The Importance Of The Underground Railroad

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During the mid-1880s was a secret networking system called the Underground Railroad that helped slaves into freedom. During the 1800’s slaves lived a dangerous, unhappy life. They often faced physical danger and cruelty. The Underground Railroad was an unofficial system that was not underground or a railroad but instead a secret way that helped slaves escape to slave free areas. Slave free areas included northern United States, Canada and other states at the time. Many slaves were aided by volunteers and free blacks that helped with food, directions, temporary housing, and clothing. Not only did they provide them with supplies and clothing but they also helped slaves moving from one safe house to another. The Underground Railroad was a system that helped many slaves not only to their families but most importantly freedom. Slaves would seek freedom for many reasons like physical torture, inhumane conditions, separation of families, sexual abuse by owners, etc. Slaves wanted freedom to properly develop their lives and own and make a profit for themselves. They wanted education, they wanted to stay with their families, and they wanted voting rights, things that many Southern states denied because of their race. These are the reasons why the Underground Railroad was very crucial and important even if it meant risking their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. The Underground Railroad was considered one of the movements of freedom in America. The term Underground

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