What Was The Positive Effects Of Reconstruction

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The degree of success in any situation depends on the point of view, especially in history. In American history, the start of the Civil War tested the nation’s bond of unity but changed with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. The executive order drafted by President Abraham Lincoln was both a political and military tactic. Its purpose was to “free” slaves in Confederate lands, meaning the only way slaves could escape was to disobey their masters and flee to the North and join their army as protection. The period between 1865 - 1877 was known as reconstruction, an effort to bring peace to North and the South and reunite the nation. Reconstruction has led to both negative and positive outlooks, its lead to different laws, bills, and even…show more content…
Southern states were required to draw up a new state constitution that prohibited the act of slavery also referred to as the 13th amendment. A huge concern for Johnson was that all southern states must agree with the end of succession. Johnson’s bitterness towards the planter aristocracy grew more so because he held the power to decide whether they were allowed to join the Union once again. He encouraged them to personally write to him and beg for amnesty. During his Presidency Black Codes were adopted by many southern states, the codes blocked the expansion of civil rights for African-Americans which angered northers, which forced blacks to become sharecroppers. According to Background on Black Codes, a race was defined by blood, if a person had a single drop of black blood that automatically made them black. The bureau could not assemble unless a white male was present and only with permission. To keep the fear and the power of the white man anyone who violates these laws was subject to being whipped or branded, these horrendous acts were done to former slaves. In Louisiana, if a black man is found drunk, then he shall be fined five dollars. No blacker person is allowed to preach to any congregation. Similar to slavery was the master of a slave is white and controls aspects of their life, the Black Codes in Louisiana state that every black person must be under the authority of a white male. The Mississippi Black Codes state it's against the law for any black person to interact with any white person and shall be guilty of a felony. In South Carolina, the Blacks Codes no person of color shall be able to migrate within the state with white supervision. A big worry for blacks living in North Carolina it was forbidden for any person of color to become an artisan, mechanic, or shopkeeper, any jobs which require a
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