What Was the Driving Force Behind European Imperialism in Africa

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Andres Lugo
Professor William Hendricks
March 17, 2015
World Civilizations II
Domination of resources The European powers that were in much need for resources during the 1500s through 1800s were Great Britain, France and Germany. During 1500 and 1800 Africa seemed like an impossible feat to conquer because of malaria but this wouldn’t stop the persistence of the leaders of France and Great Britain. The idea of exploring and conquering new land meant more to these leaders because of the motivation to keep their national security strong and keep their economy stronger. These countries would use their remaining resources to look for more disposable ones so that their empires could grow considerably. Great Britain would be dug in the
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As the years go on this would began the countries of Africa being taken over and ran by foreigners. Each power would see the great opportunities that Africa would have to offer during these 300 years of exploring and expanding their empire. As the wheels start turning of this quest soon begins conflict and with conflict evolution has started. Operating in Africa meant they needed to protect what they had built in their time there. Technological development started to happen with weapons and warfare. Better weapons meant better protection, as the years would go on it would become its own business on its own. Trading goods and building markets becomes important also within the communities these countries operate in because it gives the natives a way to make money on their in turn the importing and exporting distributers only see opportunities in this. With countries fighting for territory, and resources the driving force of imperialism in Africa soon loses its motivation of that and starts to become more about national pride amongst the European countries foreshadowing what will happen in the years to come. The driving force of imperialism in Africa would start off to help the empires grow and keep steady economic security for the future but with conflicts on the horizon to great power
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