What We All Long For Title Analysis

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Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For honours the tradition of the Canadian Literature journal narrative of the urban verses rural experience. At the beginning of the novel Brand describe Toronto as if it were the main character and all the other places are the secondary characters. The way that she describe Toronto transports the reader to the exact time and place. The other places that are presented in this novel are the rural areas. These areas are where the characters in the novel came from but their families decided that they wanted to leave their hometowns and move to Toronto. Moving to a new place meant that there was the belief of discovering a better life for everyone to have. In this novel the urban experience is the destination where everyone wants to find their true home, as for the rural experience everyone want to escape from what they have known their whole lives and explore a different atmosphere.
In the opening paragraph of this novel the author transports the reader into the novel as if they were
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Which is shown in a different way because instead of having the rural be where the characters escape to find their true meaning she has as it that the urban is where they go to discover new and exciting things about themselves. This novel also has shown that everyone may have different worlds when they are by their selves or with family and friends but this does not mean they still do not have connections between these worlds it just means that some of the things are different in on world then the other. Leaving the rural areas and escaping to a big, busy and upbeat city like Toronto would be hard on an individual but in the way the Brand tells it is that each family leaving actually made things better for each family because they could do whatever they wanted when they wanted. No one could tell them any different they were free to live their own unique
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