What Will Help Wounds to Clot Naturally

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Mainly this article is focused on what will help wounds of natural clotting.There is an assumption based on scientific procedures (based at Rice’s BioScience Research Collaborative) that synthetic collagen may heal the wounds of the natural clotting by chemist and bio-engineer Jeffrey Hartgerink. During this process there is a substance used called KOD. KOD is a protein that unites or links organs as well as tissues. The use of KOD is used to mainly help with clotting blood. They believe that this material (KOD) copies natural collagen.This product could be very helpful when dealing with a surgical bleedings. How is what you ask? Well KOD is used to help clot the blood so this will be an assistance before and after the procedure during the healing process. KOD would be mostly not be valuable during major trauma.

I have choosen this article because it was dealing with a surgical procedure and product that could potentially help others in the future. KOD in my point of view could help a lot of people and possibly save lives. You never know what might happen to you. One day you could be walking down the street and get shot. KOD could help the process work quicker and more efficient for the internal or external bleeding in a way that could save any severe internal or external damage of the body. This simple substance could decrease the amount of deaths in our society today. This product could be the next big step in the medical field.

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