What You Do With Co2? Discuss Possibilities Of Co2 Disposal

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What to do with CO2? Discuss possibilities of CO2 disposal.

Carbon sequestration is a process involving the capture of excess CO2, either from the atmosphere or from human outputs such as power stations, followed by the disposal of said carbon dioxide by a one of range of means. This has the potential to vastly reduce the volume of carbon in the atmosphere and so mitigate the problem that humans cause by pumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere from large scale power stations, refineries and such like (Pacala & Socolow, 2004). Successful sequestration schemes are low-impact, long term and cost effective. The main branches of carbon sequestration include terrestrial, geological and anthropogenic.

Terrestrial Sequestration
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When vegetation is cut down or harvested, or soil is disturbed, carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere.


Soils can store twice as much carbon as the atmosphere and 2.5 times more than plants, meaning it is an ideal medium in which to store excess carbon. When plants decompose after dying, some of the plant’s natural carbon is released into the atmosphere while the rest is captured in the soil.
We can increase soil’s carbon content by implementing management strategies to limit soil disturbance.


Forests cover 31% of the Earth’s surface, around 40 million square kilometres, making them a huge carbon store. They can also create long-term carbon stores as trees can live for hundreds, even thousands of years and can lock carbon dioxide into their wood for their entire lives (Lorenz et al, 2010). According to the International Panel on Climate Change, changes in forest management could offset an additional 15-20% of global emissions. Worldwide deforestation currently prevents forests from reaching their maximum storage potential as when old forests and woods are cut down, huge amounts of stored CO2 are released into the atmosphere. There are many schemes globally which have been created in order to protect existing forests and to plant new forests to act as a store. Such schemes often involve promises to plant more trees in place of ones which have been cut down, these are favoured by many large companies who need trees to produce

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