What You Learn in Cosmetology Schol

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In Cosmetology school, the students will learn many things. Most schools start out in the classroom for four to eight weeks. In the classroom, everyone typically learns the state law first. After that students will learn sanitation rules and procedures. He or she then moves on to the history of Cosmetology. After that, students learn the basics and fundamentals of cutting, coloring, chemical services, styling, nails, skin, and waxing. Some things that vary from school to school are the color systems that are used like Matrix, Redkin, or Paul Mitchell. After one completes everything, and his or her instructor feels like they are ready, most schools then put their students out on the clinic floor and some classroom time. Some things that also vary are the teaching styles and different techniques that are taught through the books such as Milady. Many schools then have a class for people to take their last couple of weeks to practice for their state exam. This gives hands-on experience and time to go more in depth. Every state has different requirements on the hours one needs. State requirements for hours range from 1,000 hours to 2,100 hours. After one meets the required amount of hours you are now ready to take your state board test. His or her school will send a notice into the state board with all of your information and prove that one has met all of the requirements. If everything is okay, soon after he or she will receive information on how to pay for their test and

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