What if Modern Knowledge Had Been Applied to the Black Plague

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During the Black Plague, 1/3 of Europe’s population vanished. The reason is the poor education of the public and the terrible government policies. People were oppressed by the Catholic Church’s reign and scientists were killed on the spot for doing their job. To the people living in that time, the human race was all but lost. However, with the political and scientific knowledge of today, these problems were easily mendable. There are three simple methods that could have created a utopian society during the time of the Black Plague, almost completely liberated from oppression and disease. These ways are providing better sanitation to the populous, providing better healthcare to the masses, and using the First Amendment of the U.S.A.’s…show more content…
One way of handling this is for the government or a special company to provide health insurance for those in needs. All that is necessary is for people who desire healthcare to pay fees and/or taxes on a regular basis and then get preset compensation for their health issues when necessary. Another method of providing good healthcare is to have good hospitals. Not only good ones, but enough hospitals so they don’t get overcrowded and everyone who needs healthcare can receive it. The hospitals need to have well-trained doctors and nurses and keep everything as sanitary as possible. The final way of preparing good healthcare for those in need is to push medical science. A lack of scientific education is largely what allowed the plague’s devastation to be so enormous. If more people joined the medical science field and more funds were supplied to it, hospitals would know what to do and a possible cure for the disease might have been created. However, science was highly oppressed during the time of the Black Plague. A solution we have only figured out in more recent times is to apply the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in this situation. That way, people can be free to do what they please and allow scientific discoveries to flow. People should be allowed to practice whichever religion they choose instead of living under a theocratic
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