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What is Epic? According to their website, Epic is a private and employee-owned company that “makes software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations - working with customers that include community hospitals, academic facilities, children’s organizations, safety net providers and multi-hospital systems.” The core of Epic’s kernel is based off of on an antiquated programming language known as MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-programming system) which was invented by a founder from rival Meditech in 1968. They [EPIC] have developed systems to seamlessly transition the state of medical records from a paper driven environment to a virtual environment. Epic allows …show more content…

Epic is looked upon as a status symbol within the healthcare arena, and that vantage point is further proven when you client base consists of the higher echelon healthcare providers in the industry such as Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, and the UC system almost in its entirety. Epic is not an inexpensive system to obtain. The decision for Kaiser Permanente to make the major system change came with a hefty price tag of $4 Billion dollars. With Kaiser having a footprint of more than 200 hospitals, it can be estimated that each facility spent about $20 Million for the system. Even with Kaiser doing a comparative cost study between Epic and rival Cerner, “doctors and nurses voted overwhelmingly for Epic.” Sutter healthcare system acquired Epic for 5 of their largest facilities spending over 500 million. Duke University Healthcare system spent over $700 Million, Partners Healthcare, based out of Boston, spent the nearly the same amount as Duke Healthcare system. The University of California, San Francisco, shelled out over $150 million. Given the aforementioned examples it is clear to see that Epic comes with a steep price tag. In terms of competition, Kansas City based Cerner is a major competitor. KLAS research provided a report, “Clinical Market Share 2013: More than Meaningful Use, “showing that Verona, Wisconsin based Epic has the most new hospitals (47) for the fifth year in a

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