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What is sex education today? Current educational policies mandate a comprehensive education while simultaneously avoiding the issue of explicitly approving or dissenting sexual behavior. On the contrary, most courses attempt to inform sexually active individuals about safe sex rather than encourage any particular practice. Why would educational statutes be wary of encouraging sexual practices of abstinence or otherwise? According to David Rigsby, author of Sex Education in Schools (2006), "Variations of state regulations and limitations [to sex education] exist to respect to what must be, may be and cannot be taught in public schools." The public school system is, in effect, trying to respect the law. Most institutions are wary of …show more content…

This gradual lean is apparent in Norman Constantine's published article regarding perspectives on sexual and reproductive health. In the article Constantine surveys California parents and their preferences on the sexual education provided for their child. Overall, 89% of parents report a preference for comprehensive sex education, while only 11% called for abstinence-only education. The most common reasons reported was due to a focus on consequences, the importance of "being fully informed", the inevitability of adolescent curiosity, and religion. (Constantine, et al). Despite the increase in quality and total education, children engage in sexual intercourse at progressively younger ages; presumably because of peer pressure and bragging rights. Looking back, nobody wanted to be the only person they knew who did not already do "it". As more children continue to brag about "accomplishments" the age at which they do so continues to dwindle. It is not uncommon to walk near a high school campus and hear girls, barely old enough for heels, gossip "I did it when I was 12" or "I spent the night with him last night." How does one fix this? Through reformation of school policies and statutes so they can reflect public expectations for the outcome of sexual education. Sexual education needs to progress beyond the high school level and target younger children. A reasonable recommendation would be to target Junior high school children, or even children

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