The Pros and Cons of Teaching Sex Education in Public Schools

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Picture a young couple being on the verge of exploring their sexual desires for the first time. The question is does this young couple have the proper education to make this life changing decision? They most likely were given their education from the school they attend. Hopefully the school taught them what they needed to know to make such a decision. Should sex education be taught at school by teachers or by the parents?

Problems with having sex education at school

There are many problems with having sex education in public schools. Religion plays an important part to the topic of sex education. Some parents feel that if the school gets to speak to their children about sex before they do, than important things about
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Other parents believe that you can teach a teenager about sex until there ears turn blue, but if the believes of a religion or a parent then all the sex education will not work. Ubell says that "however, programs that focus on helping teenagers to change their behavior-using role playing, games, and exercises that strengthen social skills-have shown signs of success" (18). The morals of the child needs to be taught before the knowledge of where to go and how to have sex is given to them. A teacher can teach where to go to have safe sex but not if it is right or wrong to have it, that is where being a parent should come in.

Problems with not having sex education at school

There are problems with not teaching sex education at school. There are some parents that don't know how to talk to their children about sex. If the school doesn't children about sex, then they will learn it the "hard way", maybe by contraction of a sexually transmitted disease. One of the most deadly and well-known sexually transmitted diseases today is HIV. According to the Web page AVERT, HIV infection is increasing most rapidly among young people ("Does"). This disease is killing hundreds of children each year, because they had to learn it the "hard way".

Let's say that a child escapes the threat of catching a disease, they still might end-up getting someone pregnant or
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