What is Success?

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Success is defined as the accomplishments of one’s goals. Winning is defined as gaining the victory of something. 1 out of 14,000 people become professional athletes. 58% of students become successful after leaving college and pursuing a job. Often times, winning as a professional athlete isn’t as fulfilling as being successful in everyday life. While only few may win in any competitive environment, success is available to everyone. It is not determined by how well one does against another, but rather is measured only against oneself. Success can be understood as a product of many essential factors. Success comes from taking whatever abilities we have and using them to our greatest power. There are characteristics that are related to being an impressive individual, therefore supporting and relating to becoming successful coaches and athletes. Being successful doesn’t always mean having a nice house, job, etc. Success is not an accident. It was always the result of our best actions. It doesn’t necessarily come from being the best but from our best efforts. It is the result from taking action, getting started, making mistakes, learning from them and looking at ways to improve them. In Jefrey Frost’s article on Characteristics contributing to the success of a sports coach, he states that “success is not guaranteed if [one] does not feel a need to improve. Successful [people] continually look for ways to improve” (Frost). The old expression “It’s not whether you win or

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