What is a Tornado?

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Tornadoes can destroy anything in seconds. They can rip through homes and take lives in less than a minute. Being prepared for a tornado now could save ones life in the future. Tornadoes are strong, spinning columns of air that can form from a thunderstorm. Depending on the strength of the tornado the winds in this column of air can exceed 250 miles per hour. There are multiple conditions that have to be in play for a tornado to form. These violent storms can be faint of very active. Tornadoes are classified as being one of the strongest storms of nature. These violent storms as most commonly reported as spinning off of thunderstorms. These are refereed to as Supercell tornadoes. (How tornadoes form) Tornadoes are a very dangerous storm. Massive destruction can be caused in only seconds from tornadoes. Tornadoes can be 50 miles wide therefore making the amount of destruction widespread. One should always take cover from tornadoes. Tornadoes can develop in an instant making it almost impossible to give much warning. These storms can appear out of nowhere. Before a tornado forms the air will most likely become still as if nothing was about to happen. Tornadoes are most frequently reported during the early morning or afternoon times. When tornadoes occur at night the number of fatalities can increase massively because heavy sleepers do not always hear the warning, or a person has no safe place to go to get away from this monster of a storm. (tornadoes)
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