What 's It All About? By Julian Baggini

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In the book What’s It All About? by Julian Baggini discusses philosophy and the meaning of life. This reading was able to bring different perspectives on ideas of the meaning of life that I have thought about before. I was also able to learn about these concerns about life 's meaning or meaninglessness in a philosophical standpoint. Some of the chapters that I found interesting included the chapters titled looking for the blueprint, here to help, and becoming a contender. In the chapter looking for the blueprint Baggini considers the question why are we here? The two origins of why we are here are the naturalist view and the creationist view. The naturalist idea is that there was the earth was created by the big bang and humans …show more content…

Therefore, it is better to fulfill one 's own purpose than that of the creator. But also in the book it discusses how people do not agree with creating one’s own purpose. They think that if they create their own purpose then that means that their life meaning is not as meaningful. I do agree with this to some extent but I also think that we know ourselves the best and if we create our own life meaning it can be the most fulfilling. A quote from this chapter is, “What matters is not necessarily what the inventor had in mind, but the uses or purposes the innovation actually has” (p.12). So this quote is saying that for example the predetermined meaning of humans is not really important at all. It is what purposes a human can bring about in this world. The other view in this chapter is the creationist view. The creationist view is that the universe has a creator which in many religions is God. Some people believe this to be actually true but others think that this is a metaphor that there is a purpose in creating this universe. With a creator we think that the designer had a purpose in mind for us individuals. I think this idea is really interesting because as someone who is spiritual but also believes in sciences I think it really is human nature to believe that we came predestined with meaning because that is a more settling idea. I do believe that humans were developed from a naturalistic

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