What 's Your Most Popular Drink?

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It’s a typical Sunday afternoon; the sun is shining, and Nebraska is looking as favorable as ever. The wind is rushing in and hitting me cold in the face, but it’s relieving in a way. I fight the wind and use all my strength to make it to the door. Inside, I’m overwhelmed by the loud screeching sound and strong, bold smell of the freshest brew. All the people in this large but cozy room seem to have their nose mushed into their book or laptop.
I make my way through the rustic chairs and matching tables to the front counter. Skimming over the menu, I wonder what all these fancy names mean. As I bicker with myself to make a decision, I still manage to ask the question, “What’s your most popular drink?” Contemplating with myself for a few seconds I decide, “Okay, I’ll just have an Irish Mocha instead.” Every time it’s the same deal, if not, then it isn’t the same study session. I step back into the shelves as I wait for my warm beverage.
Along the shelves, different coffee blends are lined up with filters and accessories. Upon the first shelf, there are a few different mugs and travel cups available for purchase. I run my fingertips over the T-shirts that have “The Coffee House” printed on them. Examining the soft fabric, I wonder each and every time if I should buy one. Just then, I am interrupted by a barista with my drink. I hold the warm mug with my knitted fingers and pay at the front. After signing my autograph, I wander back to the front to find a…
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