What´s International Trade

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Introduction International trade is to explain why countries to import and export cargo, and barriers to trade and many different steps and trade barriers have been taken down and explain some economic factors must be protected trade. When foreign trade is not strongly change, government spending and taxes, like most of the headlines, it aroused some people's blood in economics. Both exports and imports will affect the livelihood and way of life. These people are very anxious, but those who worry about their personal liveway. Economists generally believe that almost, overseas trade will be in a free global market a large number of people have done a lot of good. Forms of Restriction on International Trade Free trade is the…show more content…
This problem has been greatly reduced due to estimation in cross-border trade goods agreement between countries is now. The Reason of Trade Barriers Free trade is in many countries and most of the traditional media. They believe that free trade will slow economic growth, employment, let the injured. These are some of the reasons of economic and trade protection: • Continue to save local work from the "cheap" foreign labor. Although, output per worker is higher, are high in general wage industrialized countries. The highest wages can reflect the maximum work rate or no benefit. Owners must reduce wages and production efficiency. • Increased trade deficit. Trade barriers make imports more expensive, reduce the demand for imports. However, trading partners can also raise prices, international trade. This policy will not solve the problem, if the domestic production of goods without competition or may not be high quality. The country is willing to spend not so much if they fall in exports imports. • Continue to save the infant industry. Countries to emerging industries. A long time, become aggressive. However, some government protection will never end, these industries will from trade barriers have given their interests become aggressive. • Trade barriers supporters do not agree with the overseas industry often engaged in unfair trade practices, "unfair" competition environment. A common differences, overseas imports sold to domestic

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