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What Is Worth Fighting For? Dozens of puppies were found either dead or dying on man’s small property in Shallowater, Texas. Inside the house, the few living dogs were found eating other dogs just to stay alive, and carcasses were scattered all across the area. A sheriff announced that the feces was said to be “ankle deep” in certain parts of the house. The owner was later arrested and charged with only two misdemeanors. I believe we the people could prevent these kind of acts from happening so often. No matter how gruesome of an act it is, animal abuse is only a Class A misdemeanor unless the offender has two prior convictions. Although as of September 1, 2001, people who committed acts of cruelty or the torture of animals can receive …show more content…

An example, there was once a family who had an old dog that had been with them for years, but one day they woke up to him stabbed to death by a stranger. Flo Buchmuller of the El Paso Humane Society has said, “It is a show of power of the batterer. He/she might be threatening the family by saying, ‘I am going to hurt the pet.’…” (Pet). Should animal abusers have the privilege to own another animal? In some cases, the court gives custody of the animal back to the person. On February 1, 2006, a local CPS worker in Kirbyville, Texas, found a home with over one hundred and nineteen neglected animals. Chambers, the CPS worker said, “It was a very sickening sight in the house, there are dead animals in these houses” (Pet). The living animals were sent to Houston to get checked, and from there the judge would decide if the owner got to keep any of the remaining animals. When I heard about this story, I thought that the owner should never be able to own another animal for the rest of their life, yet a judge might give back the animals he abused before. Should this be able to happen? Some people think it is harder for animals when they are abused because they cannot defend themselves. If this is true, why shouldn’t you help to make things better and easier for them? Any person, child and adult, can help out just by getting involved with local humane

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