Wheat Negative Effects

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Eating grains can also have a negative effect on life as well. Grains consist of wheat, oats, barley, rye, millet, corn, rice, buckwheat and quinoa. Grains can be stored for years in kernel form and can later be processed into a wide variety of food. Wheat is the third largest crop in the world after rice and corn. Foods we consume frequently such as: bread, crackers, cookies, cakes, donuts, pancakes, noodles, pasta, pizza, and cereals. Though, modern wheat is making people sick. Wheat has changed a lot over the years. It allows food on shelves to be produced many months before it sees the shelf. Modern wheat eliminates rich sources of nutrients like proteins and vitamins (Paleo Leap). Grains in general cause overconsumption, elevated blood sugar levels, reliance on glucose for fuel, contributes to body fat, and an increase of fatty acids in the blood. Over consuming leads to leptin resistance, insulin resistance, and many negative consequences to health. Dropping grains from one’s diet has proven to have the most benefits overall as to how a person feels (Hartwig, 103). Eating clean can also have a positive effect on mood. In this case, it is not about bipolar disorder, it is about ordinary mood swings that most people have. As previously stated, sugar temporarily works to provide an upswing in mood. When someone is down about something, chocolate is usually the best medicine. Blood sugar spikes and then eventually a sugar crash occurs. When consuming this level of

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