Wheel of torture

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WHEEL OF TORTURE Ten (10) Philippine National Police officers have been discharged after revelations that they played a game called “wheel of torture” at a secret detention facility. The Commission on Human Rights is looking into the supposed maltreatment of up to 41 detainees in the Philippine National Police facility in Biñan, Laguna. The facility is a 200-square-meter bungalow being rented by the Laguna police intelligence branch first district unit composed of 12 staffs. At the kitchen area, the police improvised a small prison cell by enclosing a portion of it with iron bars. The officers allegedly used a roulette to decide how the prisoners were to be tortured, either as a punishment or to force them to give information to…show more content…
Over the past three decades the regularity of the specific techniques of torture has been marked: Placing a plastic bag over the head and holding it tightly at the back to induce suffocation (“dry submarine”); giving electro-shocks either directly onto the skin, or with water poured over the body and bare electric wires touched against the genitals, lips, ears, arms or legs; placing or tying a cloth over the face and pouring or dripping water over the cloth to induce gradual suffocation (“water cure”) while interrogators stand or place weight on the stomach; water is also poured directly into the nostrils or mouth; food deprivation; dental torture; amputation of any body part; being tied or forced to assume a stressful position. Other examples could be the head forced down toilet bowls or into water containers; assault, including being punched with fists (at times with bullets held between the interrogator’s fingers); beaten with rifle-butts or batons wrapped in newspaper or other material (“mauling”) focused in the stomach area, which tends not to leave any visible bruising; burning the skin (including the lips, nipples and ears) with cigarettes; forcing the suspect to drink urine, stagnant water, etc.; placing chili peppers on the suspect’s eyes or genitals, or inserting the detainee’s penis into bottles containing gasoline mixed with chili; denial of sleep/rest; shame infliction such
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