Essay about The CIA´s Torture Methods after 9/11

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A plane just crashed into one of the World Trade Centers; a few minutes later a second plane hits the other tower. What happened to all of the other planned attacks on that very day and the days that followed? A special sect of law enforcement called the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) prides itself with quickly tracking down some of the terrorists that were involved in the attacks and effectively questioning them using various interrogation tactics, one of which is torture. The CIA’s approach to torture after 9/11 using techniques such as water boarding has proven to save lives and prevent future tragedies in spite of common controversy. In times of crisis, water boarding acquires the essential lifesaving information in time sensitive …show more content…

By torturing the terrorists they were able to extract precious information that lead to the saving of thousands of lives.
There are many forms of torture that have cycled through the ages and cultures. This common water based interrogation practice dates back to the 14th century. Water boarding has been referred to as “water torture”, “water cure” and “tormenta de toca” a phrase that denotes to a thin piece of fabric positioned over victim’s mouth. Water is then slowly poured over the fabric giving the victim a sensation of drowning. It can be very physically painful and psychologically difficult as well for the victim feels like he is dying, yet he is very much alive. It has been used by our country to apprehend extremely dangerous people and stop their planned attacks. The Human Events newspaper published an article quoting “Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee described waterboarding as one of the 10 “techniques” used to retrieve information from Abu Zubaydah, one of Osama bin Laden’s confidants”. Osama bin Laden is the man believed to being responsible for the attacks during 9/11. The interrogation of Abu Zubaydah with water boarding was a key approach to preventing future attempts of terrorism on our soil even though there were some that believed it was inhumane.
As citizens of the United States we pride ourselves as living in a nation founded on the backbone of freedom. There are some people that exist amongst us that have the feeling that in

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