When Boredom Is Bad

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Ugh! Listen, do you hear that noise? Sounds like boredom! Isn’t it just the worst? Not only is boredom plain tiring, boredom can have negative effects on a person. Boredom can lead to anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse in addition to, bad decision making. Extensive evidence shows that boredom, contrary to other opinions, is indeed absolutely the worst.
To start off, boredom has very destructive effects. According to the Scholastic Scope article, ’’Is Boredom Really That Bad?’’, boredom can lead to anxiety. For example, when people get bored they start to ponder, ’’Shouldn’t I be doing something instead?’’, as stated in the article by Kristen Lewis. They tend to feel this way, as they are used to dealing with their hectic life. Consequently, they may not be getting much relaxation time. In turn, this …show more content…

As a result, bad decision making can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, according to Kristen Lewis’s article. When you are bored you may start to consume drugs since you have nothing better to do with your time. Although some people may say that boredom is good, as it opens up your imagination, they are utterly and completely wrong!
These idiotic people claim that Isaac Newton discovered how gravity works, by uninterestedly watching apples fall from a tree, as he was bored that day . However, they could never be farther from the truth seeing as the discovery was a complete fluke. Besides, Isaac Newton was a very intelligent man he must have been thinking about the matter of gravity prior to the incident. No fool can come up with a history changing discovery by being bored! Only a truly devoted, knowledgeable and annalistic man, such as Newton, can accomplish such. In conclusion, boredom causes very disastrous effects on a person. Due to boredom, a person can undergo anxiety, can start to make bad decisions, and are most vulnerable

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