When Reflecting On The Challenges That I Face As A Teacher,

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When reflecting on the challenges that I face as a teacher, some major challenges quickly stand out. Such obstacles are overpopulated classrooms, excessive paperwork, and limited resources. Even though these challenges are the first that come to mind, they are not my biggest hurdles. The two most significant challenges to me are the restraints from time and balancing personal life and work. It always seems like there is not enough time in a school day or year. At the start of the year, I am tasked with the responsibility of helping students with disabilities and struggling learners meet grade level standards. Most of the students I work with are at least 1 or more years behind in math and/or language, and have negative …show more content…

Most of my LSC days are booked with meetings from the start to the end of the day. In one hour, parents, teachers, and LSC team members all discuss the needs of the child and determine the next course of action to take. With so many people speaking, I have to maintain the flow of the meeting in hopes that the meeting will not go over an hour. Recently, I had a meeting that went thirty minutes longer than allotted. I became upset because I do not like having parents wait. Once the late meeting ended, my principal shared these words of wisdom: "Remember, students ' first!" That statement alone was enough for me to understand that my job as the LSC chair is not to stress over not sticking to the time. Instead, it all about making the best decision for a student to be successful. Another challenge that I face is balancing the demands of being a teacher and local screening chair with my responsibilities as a new mom and a full time graduate student. The demands of a special education teacher goes far beyond what most people think. Not only do I have to plan lessons, grade papers, and teach; I also have to write IEP 's, collect and complete data on IEP goals, and conduct educational evaluation on students. Also I have to meet the obligations of being the LSC chair. If I am not in meetings after work, I usually am supporting students with disabilities on homework. Alongside my massive workload, I am completing my master’s degree at George Mason University.

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