High Scope in Education

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Andrea Biancuzzo
Early Ed
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High Scope cont.
High/Scope (Cognitively Oriented)
The High Scope early childhood education approach, used in preschools, kindergarten, and childcare, or in elementary school settings. The High Scope approach is a branch off of the Cognitively Oriented Curriculum, which was developed under the leadership of David Weikart at the High Scope Foundation in Ypsilanti, Michigan in the early 1960’s (Essa, 2007). The philosophy behind High Scope is based on child development theory and research, originally drawing on the work of theorists such as Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and John Dewey. A key part of the High Scope approach is that the development revolves around certain activities that can
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During Preschool a High/Scope curriculum setting, they are trying to build school readiness, so the children can move on and continue their growing education (http://www.highscope.org/Content.asp?ContentId=63). The students in a High/Scope classroom are actively learning alongside their teachers. The students in a High/ Scope classroom pick what they want to learn that day and they are given time to do it and they report back to the class what they have learned and why it is important. This gives each child the individuality to work at their own pace and not be rushed if something is harder for them than for other students. This way the student’s feel that they are all equally important and they see that no one student is getting a particular amount of attention.
Daily Schedule: In a High/ Scope school setting consistency is the key to readiness. Consistency in the classroom helps the children gain a much stronger understanding of time. In the classroom the day would be started with a morning greeting, following this morning greeting would be planning time, which is when the teacher walks around the class and asks the students to pick out something that they want to work on throughout their work time. The teacher will record what each child is working on and will keep track of when they finish and how long it took them, along with how much assistance they needed for that
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