When Students Should Declare Their Major

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When Students Should Declare their Major
The post- millennial generation has a lot more to consider when choosing a future career than the generations before did as well. Students graduating from high school come from a place with strict rules and an inflexible syllabus. These students are only now given the freedom to think for themselves and to discover who they are, what their skills are and what they are passionate about. It is more beneficial for students to establish a foundation in an array of disciplines before declaring a major. A foundation is defined as "the basis or groundwork of anything." (, LLC) Since youth (the average 1st/ 2nd-year student is about 18-20 years old) have developing minds that change every day and, therefore, their interests will change according to who they are at that given time.

The cost of living has become ridiculously expensive and it is causing most people to start or end their lives later. Even if a student graduates from a high-end university with a big degree it may guarantee absolutely nothing in today 's society. Since the cost of living is so high, it is causing the next generation after to have no choice but to postpone retirement, therefore, they can keep a roof over their own heads. With later retirement and overpopulation in the world, the post-millennial generation is not guaranteed a stable job anymore and even if they do have an amazing education, they still have the risk of becoming homeless. There is so

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