When The Power Goes Out

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When the Power Goes Out

Now I am seeing for the first time wonder in a true light. It started with my family. Beginning with my sisters... The one eldest of the two by three minutes was the curious one, that is of books. She loved to spend her days hidden beneath the covers in bright daylight until mother dragged her out from underneath the sheets. As for her looks she was fair with light golden hair. Her nose upturned with freckles. My parents would call her Rebeka for she was gifted with many talents. The other was considered very beautiful. A vary of light freckles and a clear complexion made her very attractive. Waves of long golden hair reached to the bottom of her back. She was named Noelle. I thought they were both beautiful. They
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I was around seven when my father took me to his work office and I met his boss, Mr. Reed. I prefer to call him Mr. Boss though. It fit him not only because he was the boss, but because he always had a scowl on his face. My father had been trying to get on the friendly side of his boss for years, but I guess he was naturally grumpy because few things could turn his frown upside down. His wife died two years from a car accident and his only joy in life was his daughter, Lauren. She did not mope as Mr. Reed did because she had knew she still had a kind of connection with her mother. I had met her before briefly and she seemed very sweet, but it wasn’t really my business knowing about her life my parents had said, so I left it alone.
“Life is passion, life is family, life is food.” My mother said that when we all stood above the mounding smells from the fresh foods. The twins came in with no call but by the pure lure of the aroma. Mr. Boss and Lauren were welcomed just in time for the first course. Mother lifted the lid to several pots and pans and everyone stood in awe. Starting on the left was a cranberry-spinach-chia salad glazed with a spicy oil dressing. Next a Georgia style jambalaya with dirty rice and dressed pork. Homemade mashed potatoes, buttered corn on the cob, and chicken legs made the perfect American homestyle cooked meal.
The second course was over for those who could
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