When You Hear The Word Of Teaching

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Abstract When you hear the word “teaching”. you may think about school and student. Teaching I realized it is not an easy job, however it is a blessing when your students that were struggling are now succeeding it is very rewarding. Teachers have an important role everyday and it is important that teachers should know that they are the guiding to all student’s development, intellectual, social well-begins. We are there to make sure students learn the best way they can, so they can get a better education in life and learn the best way that will be able to fit them. We want our students to grow as an adult and continue to learn once they even graduate from school or college. As a teacher, I want my students to feel safe and want to learn. …show more content…

Differentiation is all of these and more. As a student in the class I learned about the different teaching philosophies, I learned what may fit me is it exenterlism, progressivism. Teaching is a balance of science and artistry. Taking the information and creating lessons to engage and impart knowledge to students who are reluctant learners and show them that they have the power of change within them. I believe it is important in guiding the development of the children as individuals and help them mature into thoughtful adults who continue to learn.

Worldview& philosophy of Life When we hear the world school or teaching or just discussing education, we may hear teaching is a difficult job or why other jobs get paid more than teachers especially when teacher deals with students every day. In 1982 in regards to the characteristics in the educational landscapes, Henry Giroux noted there were “severe financial cutbacks, shrinking job markets, and massive teacher layoffs” (p.87) However, some of these issues are still going on as of today. Many teachers go on strike or just getting layoff because the jobs just do not want to pay the staffs or a financial cut due to the economy. In my community I listen how an ex- teacher decided to leave her job because she was spending more money on students’ material instead of the administration team providing supplies for students to shape the student’s young minds.

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