Where Is Waldo's Life Analysis

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Time ticks by lost in the bright pages of a childhood manhunt, as we search and search but where is he? Where is Waldo? Have you ever considered Waldo is not hiding or maybe he doesn’t want to be found? When you are looking for him, a mindless search for most, you are becoming completely infatuated with the where about of someone else. Where are you? Are you ever present? Are you here? Or are you constantly searching for someone else, ignoring the world in front of you? “So where is Waldo, really?” Waldo is precisely where he wants to be, where he needs to be. But where are you? Printed with precision Waldo is placed keenly. Waldo is simply where he is meant to be in every copy he takes his spot. You cannot have Where’s Waldo? without Waldo being where he needs to be. If you cannot have a book without Waldo, then translate that to your own life. If you are not precisely where you need to be mind, body, and soul your story cannot exist. Waldo shows us how to be here. If you are in class you need to be here to learn so be present. Imagine you are printed in class like Waldo; you…show more content…
As for us we are surrounded by a rapidly changing, industrial society where it is almost impossible to be here and not also over there, there, and there. Waldo is allowed to be where he needs to be at exactly the right time because he doesn’t have band practice, football, a job, social life, and class. His only job is to show up and let others search for him. It is much easier to search for others than to refocus yourself. So it may take you 20 minutes to locate Waldo, but he is not moving. Our society is constantly moving, so how can you be present when you are running laps and social media is exploding with the daily drama? Even when I am here writing this paper I am thinking about what I have to do after school and when lunch is. We are all guilty of losing ourselves in the daily buzz of
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