Where Liberty Meets Justice Essay

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America was the hope of freedom. From the time Thomas Jefferson penned the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, the nation has provided to its citizens absolute rights to be honored by the government and the people. When the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, Americans could boast a document endowing them the freedom to exercise their religious beliefs outside of the government’s control. America is still the hope of freedom, but it remains for many just that, a hope. They have not effectually realized the full scope of freedom that so many Christians enjoy in the United States, as Americans often guard their freedom at the expense of countless other ideals, including infringement on others’ rightful …show more content…

Students should not feel required to participate in religious traditions to which they do not accede. Some will argue that as long as school prayer is optional, it does not violate anyone’s rights. However, Michael J. Davis, Centennial Teaching Professor of Law at The University of Kansas School of Law, presents an account of the Court’s decision in Lee v. Weisman, against a school district allowing religious volunteers to offer non-denominational prayers, in which the Court declared the unconstitutionality of psychological coercion based on the attendance requirement, combined with the lack of options for students who did not desire to participate, or be considered as participating (37). If a Jewish student chooses to abstain from eating pork, the school cafeteria is not required to pull pork off the menu, but rather it is that student’s individual right to chose not to select the pork meal. No one is going to force the student to eat a meal that violates his beliefs, no one is going to be required to adapt to the student’s beliefs, and no attention is drawn to the student’s personal faith-based decision. This is a clear example of how student’s faith-based liberties are accommodated in schools, without prompting government involvement. However, when

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