Where the Homeless Live in Canada

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The subculture groups known as “squatters” have taken a criminal offense of trespassing and have established a way of living that allows a homeless individual the rights to a residence without going through the process of legally purchasing a home. The question lies, why have these homeless individuals chosen to take residency in a nonconformist ways, how do they live in such penurious ways and is there method to their madness?
Historically, squatters were recognized in Australia where they lived on a large area of Crown land in order to graze livestock. While originally they had no permissible right to the land, they gained its custom by inheriting the land by being the first Europeans in the area and not leaving the property. The idea of squatting in vacant residential and commercial buildings became popular all over the world for all ages, genders and races that a squatting community had been developed.
The squatting community has tips and tricks that are known and passed on through word of mouth or by professional housing advocates. An online video found on squattheplanet.com provided helpful information on the how to be an effective squatter. Safety is the priority of a prospective squatter, and it must be considered…
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