Whether An Individual Dances For Fun Or They Dance Competitively,

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Whether an individual dances for fun or they dance competitively, dancing is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. Genre Analysis: English in Academic and Research Settings, a book written by John M. Swales, elaborates on discourse communities and the six characteristics of these communities. “A ‘discourse community’ is a group of people who share certain language-using practices... to extent ‘discourse community’ borrows from the literacy-critical concept of ‘interpretive community’” (Swales 29). The six characteristics of a discourse community are: shared goals, forms of intercommunication, mechanisms that provide feedback, methods of communicating to individuals outside the community, “specific lexis,” and different …show more content…

Social media plays an immense role in our communication between the group. Facebook is used to view pictures and videos of the performances, and to view the itinerary for the day. Twitter is used for the teammates to ask questions to fellow teammates if they either deem it too personal or “embarrassing” for the group texts. The team uses group texts for information, to ask general questions, send funny pictures, and basically to get to know each other and talk. We are like a second family so it would be a bit bizarre to be around each other for at least fifteen hours a week and not develop some type of relationship. Our methods of intercommunication qualifies my group a discourse community. The third reason why my group is a discourse community is because we have multiple forms of feedback to improve performance. The most utilized form of feedback are the videos that are recorded of our performances. By recording our performances, the choreographer and the rest of the team can view items that need to be fixed. Some examples of fixable items include technique, counts or count structure, and performance. To “perform” means the dancer is engaging with the audience, smiling (or portraying the character assigned), and having their chin up. Even if the dancer is nervous during a performance, having their chin up can give off the illusion that they are confident in what they are doing. Another form of feedback that is utilized are the judges. The judges

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