While Reading “Flowers For Algernon” By Daniel Keyes, Many

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While reading “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, many thoughts about the story were going through my head. Certain parts of the story caught my attention but none more than when Charlie falls into the same trap as everyone else by laughing at the mentally disabled dish-washer until he suddenly remembers that this used to be him once. This story enters the debate on the treatment of people with below and above the average intelligence. By being part of society, we all fall victim to judging people based on their intelligence even though we should be treating them based on who they are as a person and their personalities. Within my class many people believed the main problem of the story of Charlie was his trying to improve his way of …show more content…

Eventually, his lab rat partner, Algernon, has a fall in his intelligence, leading to his death, making Charlie realize that this is soon going to happen to him. When he starts going through this decrease in intelligence, Charlie finds it harder and harder to understand the things he had once written himself, so he decides that he needs to move away so he doesn’t hurt people close to him when it comes time for him to die.
As Charlie is mentally challenged, he is used as the groups play toy for their entertainment which he understands as his intelligence improves. This is apparent when Charlie is at a work party and describes the events of when “Joe Carp said I shoud show the girls how I mop out the toilet in the factory and he got me a mop. I showed them and everyone laffed” (290). This is a good sign within the story that the people within the blue-collar society look down at mentally challenged people. Charlie has no idea that he is being laughed at and in his head, is thinking that he is amusing his “friends” by them laughing with him, when in fact they are laughing at him. Keyes writes this to give the impact of how subconsciously people are using mentally disable people to their benefit without thinking of how they feel. In an article written by Katharine Harding called “Flowers for Algernon”, a book club discusses the short story and various parts in it. A good use of their findings in relation to

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