Whiplash Reflection

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The film "Whiplash" provides an autonomous psychological drama written and directed by Damien Chazelle. The main character, Andrew Neiman, is a first-year student with yearning desires to be an extraordinary jazz drummer. Hence, the reason why he attends to one of the best music schools in the U.S., Shaffer Conservatory New York. He has been banging the percussions since he was little boy and dreams to be one of the greats such as Buddy Rich. Andrew has been cherry-picked by Terence Fletcher, the authoritarian leader of the school’s jazz band for a spot to be the new drum alternate. Andrew Neiman feeling in awe turns up to his first practice, soon to find out his conductor uses a barbarous method of 'teaching'. Andrew's astonishment got cut off when Fletcher flings a chair at him from across the room for not keeping up with Fletcher's tempo. Regardless, Andrew tries to improve with hard work, perseverance and also made sacrifices. Andrew has finally surpassed Fletchers prejudice predictions and proved him wrong. He became what Terence Fletcher was looking for, the next Charlie Parker, but would that mean that Andrew finally got to be one of the greats?

In light of my own perception and analysis, I have encountered several unanticipated choices and contemplation made by the antagonist. One of the foremost decision making and thought process I have stumbled upon with the protagonist of the
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This tense, compelling film, features a student pursuing his dream and along the way, encounters many psychological theories. At the very start of the movie, Andrew is an introvert and there's not a ton to his character. Andrew's journey and transformation to be one of the greats have developed throughout the movie. By way of contrast, this blank slate character has been completely captivated ever since he made the acquaintance of his mentor, Terence
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