White Chicks Poster

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The poster used to promote the movie “White Chicks”, stars the two main protagonists of the film, the Wayans brothers. Due to the subtle nature of the creator’s design choices, the average viewer may not pick up on the many intricacies that may very well affect the viewer’s perception of the poster. At first glance, the poster is able to summarily explain the plot of the story to the viewer of the poster. Clearly shown, the protagonists are black undercover cops who will undergo a transformation into two white women in the film. The design of the poster forces one’s eyes to view the badges that each of the “girls” is holding. Most likely, the designer wanted the premise of the movie to be given away to anyone viewing the poster. Therefore, making the decision to put the badges in the “front” of the poster along with the “girls”gives a clear main focus of the film. Another key element of this poster is that the color scheme, design, and font of the poster are all designed to give off a friendlier and light-hearted vibe. As a comedy, this is a rational choice by the designer to attract the target audience the producers intended to view the film. The movie targets teenagers to young adults and the …show more content…

The close-up on the brothers makes the characters feel closer, and consequently, feel more tangible. In doing so, marketing becomes more efficient and the poster more attractive to the viewer. The movie delivers with that same feeling of tangibility, as this movie does an effective job at connecting one to the lives’ of the characters. Something as minimal as the character’s proximity to the screen is able to determine whether or not someone chooses to watch a film, as for the perspective can influence whether or not the viewer of the poster will be able to connect with the

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