The Groundings With My Brothers Summary

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On June 16, 2015, a long time television and real estate magnate by the name of Donald J. Trump opened his presidential campaign by uttering one of the most racially insensitive remarks in today’s time when he elucidated upon that notion that Mexican immigrants who come to America are not model citizens but rather rapists and murderers who undermine the legitimacy and economic fortitude of the American experiment. This racist and xenophobic remark illustrates just how entrenched the notion of white supremacy or as Walter Rodney would call it the “white cultural imperialismideology is inextricably tied to the understanding of our society today. Because of this problematic ideology, there must be some sort of opposition to fight against such …show more content…

Many black political theorists, either through the legacy of their works, or through the explicit explanation in their text have sought to determine the role of the black intellectual ranging from renowned scholars such as Dr. Michael Eric Dyson to Dr. Cornel West. In a quest to better understand the burdens and expectations of the black intellectual, it is only reasonable to undergo a critical thought experiment into how prominent black political theorists such as Walter Rodney conceptualize the role of the black intellectual in context of constant oppression and erasure. Hence, this paper will focus on Walter Rodney’s speech “The Groundings with My Brothers” and evaluate the claims made therein regarding the role of the black …show more content…

In particular, Walter Rodney’s third argument about the role of black intellectual in integrating one’s self with the happening’s of the black masses is particularity intriguing. Here, I posit that Rodney is making an argument about the need for solidary within politically repressed minority communities like those of the African-American community. I agree with Rodney that through the acceptance and affirmation of the connections that we share with each of our brothers and sisters that it helps us move in a path in which all of those who are the most marginalized within our society stand a chance to benefit in the long run. Solidary is important to liberation and in reforming the oppressive structures under which we live.
Moreover, I agree with the argument Rodney posits when he tasks black intellectuals to not believe and challenge the social myth of the multi-racial society. In this instance, I think that Rodney is making a broader point about how pervasive and powerful ideology can be. Essentially, in a sort of Marxist spin, it is my belief that Rodney is saying that people in power often times make relationships and ideas seem more legitimate than they actually are in order to cause one to be obscured to

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