According To Edward Said, “There Has Been No Major Revolution

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According to Edward Said, “There has been no major revolution in modern history without intellectuals; conversely there has been no major counter revolutionary movement without intellectuals. Intellectuals have been the fathers and mothers of movements, and of course sons and daughters, even nephews and nieces.” Said focused on the general population of intellectuals and their importance to all of the various modern day revolutions and counter revolutions. However, it is also significant to notice how this also relates to the black intellectuals and the importance of the positions that they held, in relation to all of their movements. The role of the black radical intellectual is vital to understanding the questions of politics and the…show more content…
These individuals also hold a principled position against a dominant interest, and their position is based upon a humanistic worldview that they hold. This humanistic worldview leads them to both acquire and produce more knowledge in terms of their views, that help others to see and understand their view of humanity. Speaking of humanity, according to Bogues, a call for a new human was one of the central questions that the black radical intellectuals raised. He also stated how this call was expressed in both Césaire’s writings and Fanon’s book Wretched of the Earth. Meanwhile, they constantly remain engaged in public conversation and discussion. One term that most black intellectuals have been noted to relate to is Praxis, which can be described as taking theory and putting it into practice. However, black radical intellectuals still do, face problems in their field with this contradiction .
One problem that the Africana intellectual faces is the intellectual contradiction of theory and practice. Due to the case that according to Kassami the combination of thought and action is quite uncommon is regards to the Western intellectual, whom solely thought. Therefore, they must strive to maintain a balance between the two. According to Bogues "Part of the problem in addressing these issues about the black radical intellectual tradition is that our answers oftentimes turn on the Cartesian division between experience and thought. Our
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