White Settlers In Alexandria

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white settlers in Minnesota. This made all the settlers in the small village of Alexandria very frightened, in reaction, all settlers left their homes to move to more safe and populated areas like St. Cloud or Sauk Centre, and many never returned. In November of 1962, Alexandria became a government post, and the centre of commercial and social activity, until the troops left in the spring of 1866. The end of the war was a very big time for Alexandria, many veterans came back home with entitlement to over 100 acres of free land and potential business and professional opportunities. In 1867, a financier and entrepreneur from New York, William E. Hicks, purchased Alexandria. Mr. Hicks gave Alexandria a rebirth, building a general store, sawmill,…show more content…
It is a 202 pounds, with writing on it from the Middle Ages indicating the presence of the Vikings. There has been much debate on whether this stone could actually be real, but science and research have shown that there is a chance. It is located in downtown Alexandria, in the Rune-stone Museum, just a few blocks from the countries largest viking, Big Ole! Another attraction Alexandria has is the grape stomp at Carlos Creek Winery. It is 3 days long and filled with stomping grapes along with many other fun traditions. Arrow-wood five star resort is another big attraction, with it’s location right on Lake darling, it’s huge water park, it’s pretty nice golf course it makes it a very fun place to stay. Golf is huge in Alexandria, and the “Resorters”, tournament is know to be a tradition unlike any other for the town of Alexandria. Each year great golfers come from around the country for a week of very competitive and fun match play. Finally, the biggest tourism attraction of all is the lakes. People can rent boats, jet ski’s, or any lake toy they want. They also have the option to go to one of the many beaches, hotels, or restaurants surrounding the lake…show more content…
The size of 16.7 mi², and population of 11,580 is much bigger than some of it’s neighbors such as Nelson that is only 423 acres and has a population. It is even much larger than towns roughly the size of Glenwood with a population of 2,530, or Sauk Centre at 4,316 people. But as you get around an hour outside of Alexandria you find cities around the same size or even bigger such as Willmar, Fergus Falls, Saint Cloud… etc. Alexandria plays sports against most of these other towns, which means every-one in the town has a pretty good mental map of where they are. Alexandria is not huge, but it is pretty powerful. Many of the industries ship goods all around the world. Although most people think that almost all the tourism would come from other states, Alexandria gets a lot of it’s tourists from right here in Minnesota. Many people from the twin cities come down in the summer for a weekend of two to just get a nice vacation. Many actually own a vacation home or cabin on one of the lakes on the chain. The same is for the opposite how-ever, many people that live in Alexandria will go spend a day or two in the cities shopping in the larger malls, or going to a major league sports event. They kind of go nice together and are only a two hour drive apart. Alexandria has changed a lot over the years, but a lot of it still remains the same. Many of the old companies such as Cowing Robards still stand
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